Dolce Symphonia

Welcome to              DOLCE SYMPHONIA

Dolce Symphonia is an elite ensemble that offers fresh, new performance opportunities to professional musicians who seek to perform in a group of like minded musicians. D.S. explores new music as well as cherished classics and features the musicians in the ensemble in solo or chamber music pieces in addition to offering a full ensemble experience.  Dolce Symphonia seeks creative excellence and musical experiences that surpass the norm.

Dolce Symphonia was founded in 2011 by Alana Joos, Percussionist and Artistic Director. It is her vision to offer an outstanding musical experience to the musicians of the ensemble, raising the bar, performing challenging works for small and large ensembles.

The focus of the group is on the musicians and the emotional rewards they reap from the music being performed. It is her hope that the energy and enthusiasm by which the group embraces the music will filter to the audience and provide them with a positive listening and concert experience. 

It is her belief that Dolce Symphonia will draw an audience because of the "passion exuded" by the musicians. They will provide the internal heartbeat of the group that will lead to its success in the community.