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Excitement is building!

May 11, 2011
The CORE of musicians who have signed up to be part of DOLCE SYMPHONIA are very excited about the fresh new repertoire that the group will be performing.  Often times we play in standard groups, doing the same repertoire or similar configurations.  D.S. will offer a very unique experience to the musicians with various conductors and many different sizes of ensembles will be forming from within the group.  

Several composers have contacted me about writing for the group or providing new works to be read.

There has been an overwhelming response so far and I am envisioning that this group will become a cutting edge Chamber Symphony in addition to providing more intimate ensemble performance opportunities.

I am very excited about the future of this group!

Dolce Symphonia - the beginning of something good!

May 8, 2011
After much contemplation I have decided to start a new performance group called Dolce Symphonia.  The group will consist of musicians who seek new musical experiences beyond what is currently offered in Riverside County or the Coachella Valley area.  

Musicians will be hand selected by me, the Music Director.  Once the core musicians are chosen I will then begin to expand the group, taking recommendations from the founding members of D.S.  

Dolce Symphonia will maintain high performance standar...

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Music Director

Alana Joos Percussionist and Founder of Dolce Symphonia

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