After much contemplation I have decided to start a new performance group called Dolce Symphonia.  The group will consist of musicians who seek new musical experiences beyond what is currently offered in Riverside County or the Coachella Valley area.  

Musicians will be hand selected by me, the Music Director.  Once the core musicians are chosen I will then begin to expand the group, taking recommendations from the founding members of D.S.  

Dolce Symphonia will maintain high performance standards and will seek musical excellence in performances and rehearsals.

The group will morph over time, beginning with a small core and expanding its reach and membership until it becomes a well-known and respected performance group.  The vision of the group will be collective and repertoire selected will be chosen by the members, not just by the Music Director.

Various conductors will have an opportunity to conduct the group.  New composers or composers seeking opportunities to have their music performed will be encouraged to submit works to the Music Director for initial review.

This is a New Beginning for classical music in Riverside County and the desert communities.  All musicians are welcome to apply by sending a resume, including educational background and performance history.

No whimps allowed!  Dolce Symphonia only wants members who are serious about the art of music performance.  This will be an extension to experiences often found at the University level.